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  • Your business isn’t just a business—it’s a part of you. It’s your passion and purpose—a piece of your heart and soul

  • You feel a deep resistance to marketing—all of those typical strategies and techniques feel like an inauthentic chore

  • You don’t know how to translate your work into words that actually connect with your people 

  • You’re not naturally extroverted—you don’t know how to show up powerfully online without forcing yourself to be someone you’re not

  • You’re struggling to grow your audience—but you don’t want to use sleazy sales tactics to do it

If this sounds like you, then…

Welcome, my love.

You’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE




Irresistible Content Creation

The Content Class.

A 2-For-1 Masterclass Bundle to Create and Plan High-Level Content For Your Most Magnetic, Enjoyable, and Profitable Year Yet! (a taste of what you can expect inside Magnetise: a 12 Week Content Creation Program)

The Social Media Priestess Training

The Marketing Methods.

A 3-Part Workshop to Ditch Your Marketing Fears, Align With Your Message, and Show Up Powerfully on Facebook! 

(a taste of what you can expect inside The Social Media Priestess School)

Wake Up to Worthiness

The Inner-Healing Work.

3 Part Video Training and Worksheet to help you Embody Natural Confidence & Let the Clients Come to You 

Visible Priestess Audios

The Mindset Foundation.

6 Audios and Journal Prompts to Help Loosen the Grip of Your Visibility Fears so You Can Show Up Powerfully (and Authentically) Online!




























About Me

I help soul-centered business owners uncover the gold inside them to create powerful and authentic messaging that speaks to their people, grows their online presence, and naturally converts followers into clients.

As an expert in authentic marketing, I’ve helped spiritual entrepreneurs (just like you) expand their Facebook Groups from 100 to 5000+ high-quality members in less than 9 months, get 40 x their ROI in Facebook Ads, sell-out their in-person events, and so much more.

After years of this work, I know the profound impact that authentic social media marketing can make—and yet, so many soulful business owners still struggle to make it work for them.


Lack of confidence.




Internal blocks. 

I’ve seen it all.

Having struggled with deep confidence issues from an early age, one of the areas most dear to my heart is helping people see through their wounds and stories, and realise their innate magnetic power. 

I’m here to show you that you don’t need a dozen different tactics to draw in new clients. You don’t need to sacrifice your integrity to create attractive content. You don’t need to burn-out online every day trying to grow your business.

You don’t need to be anything other than you to reach the people who need your work most.



A 12 Week 1:1 Intensive Program Teaching You How to Create Deeply Magnetic Messaging to Reach More People and Create a Bigger Impact

Are you all soul but no strategy?  Struggling to translate your heart into your message?

Don’t consider yourself a “good” writer? Looking for deep, hands-on, 1:1 support?  

Inside Magnetise, you’ll learn the in-depth structure and strategy you need to create irresistibly magnetic content! Receive direct feedback and editing of your work to support you in crafting a message that feels like you, sounds like you, and sells for you.

This is a bespoke program and can be adapted to suit your needs.  I will hold your hand throughout the whole process. To discover more please schedule a call to see if we’re a right fit working together.

To di


A SisterMind/Group Program Guiding You Through the Complete Mindset, Message, and Magic of Facebook Marketing!

Learn how to create high-value and irresistible content, build an epic online community, and uncover the exact framework I use to attract soulmate clients—without force or burnout. 

This is digital marketing for the new age of business—where you have full permission to prioritise your feminine energy, creativity, and inspired flow (while getting even better results)!

You’ll be in in an community of the most fabulous, supportive women who cheerlead each other on and master their marketing together. The results have been miraculous from this powerful program. 

Click on the link below to find out the full details 


“Working with Lucy has been one of the best investments I’ve made into my business and my personal growth.

My business literally took off within the first 6 weeks of doing the social media school! Her expertise and way she teaches are fantastic and the ongoing support is tremendous.
This is huge for me as I really struggled with confidence and low self-esteem. 
I would highly recommend working with Lucy especially if you have a desire to be of service and get your message out in the world. 
I was so unsure if I could find the right person for me to feel safe to grow and leave from and I am so glad I found Lucy.”

– Tamara Bexley

“I’d been wanting to move my voice coaching business online for ages, but didn’t really know where to start. Then I found Lucy! 

Lucy is so generous with her free content, in which she clearly sets out what to expect if you decide to go on to work with her. 
Lucy has a perfect balance of clear, logical explanation and intuitive understanding of each individual she works with. She helped me discover and work through my blocks (which went deeper than technophobia), and I’m now running my first group program sooner than I thought possible. Can’t recommend Lucy’s work enough!”

– Laura Hill 

“When I checked Lucy out to see if she was the right mentor for me, I noticed immediately that she had that rare combination of amazing technical skills and know-how, coupled with a gigantic heart and soul.
Within an incredibly short time Lucy helped me create a Facebook group, and within two weeks I had over 100 people in my group, which was extremely exciting for me and within a few months I’d enrolled 3 new clients to work with me either 1:1 or in a new small group I’d created.
There’s no length Lucy won’t go to, to pay attention to the specifics and the details of your journey of exactly where you are and what you need to be doing next. 
She’s absolutely committed to going that extra mile, making sure that you understand, learn and are supported in exactly what needs to happen to bring your visibility and marketing success to the next level.”
– Michelle Atlas

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