From the one hour session I had, I would really recommend Lucy.

She has an ability to be practical, get specific and to really see what your work is about. She is knowledgeable about marketing and social media marketing and brings all this together to help you see who you are serving and how you can turn what you do into something the market understands.

Lucy can help you gain more clarity with your marketing.

– Caroline Sherrard

During lockdown something about one of Lucys Ads for her ‘creating you heart led tribe’ course really resonated with me so i signed up & it’s been the best decision i’ve made in a very long time & was clearly Divinely guided 🙏✨

Lucy just seemed to know when to put in front of me a speaker, who’s words i was meant to hear, at that moment in time.

With the right strategy & explanation as to how to gently but with conviction bring your authentic self out to, lead your tribe. We were able to create our groups & set the foundations on firm grounds for what is now a 100+ strong group, with great interactions & a growing audience.

Thank you Lucy for helping me to unlock what was always inside of me. To discover my true purpose. You have helped in in ways you don’t even realise. You are an amazing catalyst & you deliver what the Universe needs us to hear. Thank you for being part of my journey, i am blessed 🙏

– Zosia Rozanska

I recently purchased Lucy’s ‘creating you heart led tribe’ course and it was fantastic!

Lucy is very clear on how to create a group and the best ways to structure and deliver your message about it.

The course included fab content and we joined in lives to clear up any confusion or fear about creating our own heart led tribes.

Before I joined this course I had a passion to set up a group for a while- but I didn’t want to go in unprepared and needed some reassurance to make this professional but fun and a bit daring.

I wanted to make sure my message was clear and I was attracting the right clients and Lucy certainly helped me to understand how to achieve that .

By the end of the course I had set up my group and it’s been flourishing beautifully, I can safely say it has changed my outlook on life, I am growing courageously.

The feed back I get from the members in the group is very positive – peoples lives are being transformed in a space where they want to hang out, learn, share and gain information.

I am so grateful for Lucy’s dedication to her work and I am very connected to Lucy’s kind and fascinating spirit- she has a very quirky and daring persona, that makes you curious to find out more. I found connecting with her and her teaching completely to my personal satisfaction.

Well done Lucy I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to grow their business in a fun, spiritual way x

– Emma Burns


I used content I created on Lucy’s course to write my book synopsis for a publisher and… guess what?… I’ve been offered a publishing deal for my first ever book!

When I started Lucy’s course I had 100+ followers on my Natural Me page. By implementing Lucy’s successful formatting, I’ve now have just over 700 and that’s just with 3 or 4 posts that I’ve boosted using the techniques Lucy’s given me.

One of my boosted posts reached over 10,000 people and I had nearly 400 people turn up to a live event! I’ve never reached that many people before with a boosted post and the feedback was amazing!

I’m still implementing the stuff Lucy has taught me and it’s working – she’s a goddess!

– Lisa-Jade Melbourne

I hired Lucy to take care of my facebook ads for me as I realised that doing them myself wouldn’t enable me to focus on what I do best. In the past, I’ve spent so much time and money on learning how to do ads myself. I wouldn’t do that again, not after discovering Lucy. She is amazing!

We sat down for a conversation and she just got me, completely understanding my mission, my desire and was able to draw out of me my message and who it was for. The ad itself and the copy blew me away, it was perfect and the results were great.

She made me a return of 19 x what I spent on my ads!

Lucy really enables me to connect with the women who were struggling with the one thing I could help them with. I’d really recommend you considering Lucy’s services and discovering for yourself just what it can do for you.

Thank you Lucy! Your attention to detail was exquisite and the support and attention you gave to me as a client was beautiful. I really appreciate you!

– Nicky Bartley

Non-Duality Teacher & Coach

I was fortunate enough to have a 1 hour session with Lucy and oh my goodness it was so eye opening. It quickly became clear that although I was producing lots of content there was one thing missing, the action I wanted my prospective client to take.

Since my conversation with Lucy, I have been working on making all that I do cohesive so that it’s not only clear to me but more importantly clear to the amazing women I want to help.

Thanks Lucy for helping me see what I need to be focusing on. I highly recommend Lucy’s services.

– Maria A Newman


There’s no shame in creating a product or service to sell to people who might need it or want it.

In just one month on Lucy’s course I not only saw new things for myself about my own blind spots, but I also learned how to start to create copy and how to use my story.

If you’re considering working with Lucy – go for it!

She’s no-nonsense, knows her stuff and will keep pointing you towards what she thinks is the most important thing for your business to grow. She’ll do it with love – sometimes a little tough love – but I love that about her.”

– Diane Xuereb

“Working with Lucy has been one of the best investments I’ve made into my business and my personal growth.

My business literally took off within the first 6 weeks of doing the social media school! Her expertise and way she teaches are fantastic and the ongoing support is tremendous.

This is huge for me as I really struggled with confidence and low self-esteem.

I would highly recommend working with Lucy especially if you have a desire to be of service and get your message out in the world.

I was so unsure if I could find the right person for me to feel safe to grow and leave from and I am so glad I found Lucy.”

– Tamara Bexley

“I’d been wanting to move my voice coaching business online for ages, but didn’t really know where to start. Then I found Lucy!

Lucy is so generous with her free content, in which she clearly sets out what to expect if you decide to go on to work with her.

Lucy has a perfect balance of clear, logical explanation and intuitive understanding of each individual she works with. She helped me discover and work through my blocks (which went deeper than technophobia), and I’m now running my first group program sooner than I thought possible. Can’t recommend Lucy’s work enough!”

– Laura Hill

“When I checked Lucy out to see if she was the right mentor for me, I noticed immediately that she had that rare combination of amazing technical skills and know-how, coupled with a gigantic heart and soul.

Within an incredibly short time Lucy helped me create a Facebook group, and within two weeks I had over 100 people in my group, which was extremely exciting for me and within a few months I’d enrolled 3 new clients to work with me either 1:1 or in a new small group I’d created.

There’s no length Lucy won’t go to, to pay attention to the specifics and the details of your journey of exactly where you are and what you need to be doing next.

She’s absolutely committed to going that extra mile, making sure that you understand, learn and are supported in exactly what needs to happen to bring your visibility and marketing success to the next level.”

– Michelle Atlas

Lucy has helped me create a funnel for my business utilising Facebook ads that works! I’ve tried this myself in the past but Lucy’s knowledge and experience has meant I’ve now have a funnel that is building my list more quickly than I imagined. I totally recommend working with Lucy.”

-Russell Davis

Fertility Coach

“I needed to grow my mailing list and Lucy helped me do just that. It’s always a gamble wondering whether someone will get your voice and the message you want to put across.

Lucy took the time to understand that, and worked with me until everything was optimised. She didn’t stop until we got the result I was looking for, no matter the obstacle.

In fact, she surpassed my expectations – I’m getting several new sign-ups everyday, and some days up to 12! Thanks Lucy!”

-Christina Cooper

Cognitive Hypnotherapist

“I only like to work with people who deeply care about their work, love doing what they do and put a lot of love into it. That is you Lucy Bainbridge. It’s been a real pleasure working with you, and I look forward to our future collaborations.”

-Vanessa Jane

Creative Strategist & Film Maker

“I love working with Lucy! She always helps create the best visuals and message. It’s so great working with someone that helps you express yourself in the best possible way. Lucy helps you in simple and rapid ways to structure and develop your work. It is a pleasure working with someone so creative and reliable. Love her magical touch. Highly recommend her!”

-Tesa Baum

Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner

“It’s only been a few weeks since we hired Lucy as part of our Crytpo Family team, and actually, I don’t know what we’d do without her. Lucy has bridged the gap between vision, planning and execution. She had added value from the very first conversation and supports sensitively and with huge skill. From helping us with social to sitting in on strategy calls. Lucy is a diamond and comes hugely recommended.”

-Dave Kibby

Crypto and Business Mentor

“It was a great support to have Lucy work with me on my webinar and social media campaign. I find it invaluable, as a solo entrepreneur, to have someone there to bounce ideas off, and to make sure these ideas happen!

What I love about Lucy is how much she gets what will make sense to the audience, and how fun it is to work with her. Coaching services can be hard to describe and define to your audience, but Lucy’s combination of a no-nonsense and down-to-earth attitude, with sensitive intuition, means she’s brilliant at making sure your content is relatable to a general public audience.

I also found it incredibly useful to have her practical, technical support and planning when juggling all the various tasks that needed to be done for the launch.”

-Jo Munday

Communication Coach

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